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About Us

About Retrive Pharma Pvt Ltd

At Retrive Pharma Pvt Ltd (RPPL) we are driven by one Passion, bound by one Mission and guided by one Vision, to be different. The difference is noticed in our selection of molecules, its quality matching the global standards, its world-class presentation, its creatively designed communication and ultimately in its better benefits & predictable results to the end user.

It is this attitude and the firm commitment to offer Unique products with Differentiating Concepts in each product that helped us to become the Indian Nutraceutical, Ayurveda & Sports NutritionLandscape.Sedentary life style, changing food habits & modernization are resulting in weak bodies with low resistance to impending lifestyle diseases.

"Ensuring Wellness before & after Illness "is being pursued by healthcare expert groups like doctors, hospitals, health centres& the common man as well. The age old phenomenon "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - holds true in the 21st century. Increasing sedentary life style, changing food habits & modernization are resulting in weak bodies with low resistance to impending lifestyle diseases. Preventive healthcare is becoming one of the most important criteria to protect the society from being sick and unproductive.

Nutraceutical, Ayurveda & Veterinary Industry in India is on an upswing, thanks to the growing awareness. "Ensuring Wellness Before Illness" is not just being talked about but the same is practiced with enthusiasm, confidence & dedication. This prompted us to launch an exclusive Nutraceutical 7 Ayurveda company Retrive Pharma Pvt Ltd (RPPL) on 2018. Thus, RPPL became the first pharma marketing driven company to enter the Indian market with nutraceutical products exclusively.

RPPL today is an aggressive organization involved in the marketing as well as manufacturing of nutraceutical & Ayurveda products. We create an exclusive range of products backed up with international technical know-how for the benefit of the Indian patients. These unique products are marketed & distributed by the fully trained & efficiently managed teams comprising of experienced &skilful professionals in each discipline of marketing, sales & distribution. Company has qualified professionals handling Production, Research & Development, Quality Control, and Finance & Admin.

Commitment to Quality

RETRIVE PHARMA PVT. LTD., Is Committed To Manufacture Medicinal, Nutraceutical& Ayurveda Products Complying with National as well as International Quality through adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices and other regulatory requirements ensuring safety, efficacy & customer satisfaction.

Management Systems

We have a well-documented Quality System to exercise adequate & Continuous Control over all activities affecting quality. The main document used in drawing and implementing the company's quality system is the "Quality Manual." The Quality Manual sets out the Quality Policy and Quality objectives of the company along with the systems to be followed for the implementation of the Quality Policy. The Quality Management System ensures compliance with the requirement of current good manufacturing practices.

Environment Management

RETRIVE PHARMA PVT.LTD., is committed to environment management and protection. Our staff is constantly gearing up to ensure that our manufacturing facility is compliant with global environment safety standards with commitment to implement Responsible Care. We have been actively working on a number of environment and health and safety issues, including reducing the company's burden on the environment, and ensuring the safety of products and operations. RETRIVE PHARMA PVT.LTD. intends to enhance its efforts in various fields, including environmental protection, security and disaster response, labour safety and hygiene, quality assurance, natural resource conservation and community relations.

Our beliefs, Values

Our core values and beliefs are a reflection of our commitment to emerge as a world class nutraceutical manufacturing & marketing company setting high standards of quality in all areas of operations. These values have been instrumental in building a successful organization, and they will be the foundation of our promising future.

  • Commitment to deliver superior value through creativity, quality, consistency & not commodity
  • Think differently to drive excellence beyond expectations
  • Strive continuously to improve and upgrade the skills and competencies of our people and support them to realize their potential through open discussions and collaborative thinking
  • Develop lasting relationship with all stake holders through inclusive growth & common benefit
  • Nurture understanding, trust, faith in each other and respect all relationships
  • Be a socially responsible ethics driven corporate, addressing the needs of the community and environment
  • Maintain highest standards of personal & corporate integrity

Corporate Management

"Our core competence lies in our ability to identify unique products in the nutraceutical sector from around the world and introduce the same in Indian market" Dr.KishorTransadia, MD.

Dr.KishorTransadia is the Managing Director of the company. He is the Founder and main promoter of the Group. He is a cost accountant by profession and has a vast experience in the Nutraceuticals, Veterinary &Ayurvedida market. He is ably assisted by a team of professionals who are qualified and experienced in Nutraceuticals as well as Pharmaceuticals set of products.

Manufacturing facilities

Domestic Trade

To differentiate our products from the rest we have total field strength of 200 TDM's (Territory Development Managers). These two hundred TDMs guided by experienced & talented senior managers cover almost Indian Pharma company's representatives are based in these towns.

Our products are totally prescription based and so we ensure that each TDM who joins us has a field experience of at least 5-6 years in the pharma field. TDM's are further trained with in-depth product knowledge, excellent communication skills and are imbibed with the necessary aptitude to succeed and excel in their jobs & careers.

  • These TDM's cover an average of across multiple states of India and spanning various specialties every month. An equal numbers of Drs are informed about our products through mailers and other means every month.
  • A total of 100,000 retailer pharmacies are covered through our wide network of stockists & wholesalers are every month. In addition our products are available at pharmacy chains like Apollo Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe and other retail chain outlets in various cities and towns.
  • Our supply chain network of 13 Super Stockists & C&F agents caters to around 200 stockists & wholesale dealers.

Vision of our Company

  • Our vision is to be a leading Nutraceutical, Ayurvedic& Veterinary product company in India and a significant global player by providing innovative and effective products at affordable prices.
  • Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic&Sports Nutrition have come a long way in the healthcare industry. Now they are no more confined to the traditional mineral, vitamin & anti-oxidant supplementation. The arrival of NGEBNs - New Generation Evidence Based Nutraceuticals is set to begin a new era and revolutionize the healthcare industry in India. According to ORG IMS today the nutraceuticals enjoy the support of 70 per cent healthcare specialists, with one out of four prescriptions carrying a nutraceutical product.
  • Learning from the past, when supplements lost out to prescription products as the former did not have the evidence to back them up, there is a boom in research and development activities, robust scientific back-up and clinical trial and validation of new nutraceutical entities, all of which is paving the way for a major growth in the segment, especially in developing countries.
  • At RETRIV PHARMA PVT.LTD., have decided to add value to this emergent segment and follow our vision assiduously & unswervingly by being the 1st to launch these products in the Indian market.

Mission of our Company

  • Our mission is to be providing 'The New Generation Evidence Based Nutraceutical Products with Unique Features & Differentiating Benefits' to the deserving patients in India & across the world.
  • Our commitment is noticed in our selection of molecules, in its quality matching the global standards, in its world-class presentation, in its creatively designed communication and ultimately in its better benefits & predictable results to the end user. This philosophy percolates in our approach & attitude towards each product.


Retrive Pharma Pvt Ltd is Committed towards furnishing superior quality products. Every Production stage is Minutely scanned by a team of Pharmaceutical quality control Experts. the company has integrated quality control lab(chemical, Instruments & Microbiology) Which is Well Equipped with requisite equipment.


With Professional and qualified skilled staff Retrive can Produce, Deliver the Products With almost efficiency. Retrive's Marketing team has good Distribution, retail professional network to maintain Satisfactory Business Relationship.

Research & Development

Retrive has Qualified Dedicated team to carry out R & D and have able to introduce many innovative Products from time to time.

Our Infrastructure

With over 10,000 sq.ft plant Retrive has Modern state of art Production facility to produce efficient and quality products at Changodar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Distribution Channel

Retrive has well established distribution channels in major towns and cities on PAN India basis to cater wide range of Customers & Consumers. Retrive works with unique philosophy and focusing on quality of all our products.

Franchise offer

We proudly boast ourselves as a well-grown health supplement provider in Ahmedabad. We are eager to extend our sweet journey to more areas in city and country as our profitable franchise offer. You can also yield big profits for the best quality Pharma and health supplements.

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